Cakes and Cupcakes By Karen

Yummy Eating Cakes

Freshly made cakes are available on order in the following flavours (with prior arrangement in sizes, 20cm, 25cm or 30cm)- please email to enquire about the pricing):

  • Vanilla/ Chocolate buttercream with caramel treat     
    Vanilla truffle: Vanilla sponge cake with white chocolate ganache filling
    Chocolate Truffle: Chocolate sponge cake with milk chocolate ganache filling
    Zesty Lemon Citrus:  Lemon sponge cake layered with citrus curd and white chocolate ganache filling        
    Red /Blue Velvet:  A red /blue buttermilk sponge cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Bar One Fudge: Chocolate sponge layered with caramel and Bar one fudge icing
    Black Cherry Chocolate: Chocolate sponge cake drizzled with cherry liqueur and layered with black cherries and dark chocolate ganache filling
  • Moist Carrot and Pecan nut cake: layered cream cheese frosting
    German Chocolate: Chocolate sponge filled with a caramel, pecan nut and coconut mixture
  • Caramel Peppermint Crisp cake: Chocolate sponge drizzled with peppermint liqueur and layered with a caramel-peppermint crisp filling
    Apple and Pecan nut spice cake: Vanilla, Apple and Cinnamon sponge cake topped with chopped pecan nuts and  layered with vanilla buttercream   
    Hazelnut chocolate: Chocolate sponge cake layered with hazelnut ganache

Coconut citrus: Chocolate cake layered with white chocolate truffle and
lemon curd

Everyday Cakes

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